Frequently Asked Questions


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What is the purpose of the password

Creating a password will allow you to make changes to your tour later. If you choose not to create a password, anyone can update/make changes to the tour in the future.

I forgot my password

Email me with your name and the date you created the tour: webmaster (at)

How do I add pictures to a tour?

1) Click on Tours to the left
2) Select edit pictures in the row that corresponds to your tour
3) Select a destination you wish to add a picture to
4) Upload a Picture

Why don't the pictures show up when I am editing a tour

To increase stability, pictures are not loaded in the create tour page.

How can I edit a tour that has already been created?

Click Find a tour, then Click the link to the right to edit it. A password may be required. Enter the password, and you will be redirected to the edit page.

What are the Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Known Issues

1) Creating a tour does not work in Firefox.
2) Location doesn't update on mobile page.
) Navigation bar is ugly.
4) Pictures do not show up in Create a Tour page.
5) Double scroll bar on some pages

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