Historic Hudson

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Hudson was named after its founder, David Hudson who settled here in 1799. In 2008, the population was estimated to be 23,037, making it the 389th largest city in the midwest.

#1 - Western Reserve Acadamy
This site was the original location of Western Reserve University, which later moved to Cleveland and merged to form Case Western. Loomis Observatory, on the Academy campus, was constructed in 1837 and is the second-oldest observatory in the United States.
Coordinants: 41.245548, -81.440147
#2 - Clock Tower
The Hudson Clocktower, was built in 1912 as a gift to the community from multi-millionaire James W. Ellsworth as part of a project to stimulate the economy. The clock is run on gravity and stands 42 feet and nine inches tall.
Coordinants: 41.242004, -81.440277
Source: http://Hudsonlibrary.org
#3 - Underground Railroad
Hudson played a very important role in the underground railroad. A historical marker was placed at this site to commemorate this piece of Hudson's History.
Coordinants: 41.241576, -81.440143
#4 - GAP
This building was built in 1920. It was once the site of a bowling alley and arcade, as well as the Hudson Post Office. Prior to the Main Street fire in 1892, this was the location of the Mansion House Hotel.
Coordinants: 41.241255, -81.440582
#5 - Lockhart's Saloon
This is the site of a saloon where a fire started on April 28, 1892 at 3:30am. The fire destroyed the majority of the downtown area. The village council offered a reward for information, but nobody stepped forward.
Coordinants: 41.241158, -81.440615
#6 - Historic Photo-1906/7
This Photo, looking North on N. Main was taken 1906 or 7 during a home day celebration.
Coordinants: 41.241046, -81.440428
#7 - First School-Historical Marker
This is the site of the first schoolhouse in Summit county. A memorial was placed here in 1952 to recognize the historical importance of this site.
Coordinants: 41.240771, -81.440189
#8 - Town Hall
This is the site of the original church in Hudson, OH-the First Congregational Church. The Congregation was founded in 1802. John Brown gave his first public speech denouncing slavery in this church. Construction on a new building for the congregation was begun in 1865, and in 1878 this church was disassembled to make room for the town hall. This is what the street is named after.
Coordinants: 41.241053, -81.439375
Source: http://Hudsonlibrary.org
#9 - Free Congregational Church
Owen Brown, a noted abolitionist, split from the First Congregational church over racial issues and formed a church on this site. An oath against slavery was required for admission into the church. After the Civil war, the Free Cong. Church recombined with the First Cong. Church. The current structure is believed to be part of the original church.
Coordinants: 41.240114, -81.439477
#10 - Speech by Lincoln
On this site, President Abraham Lincoln gave a speech while passing through Hudson, OH. A crowd of over 6,000 showed up. A historical marker was placed at this site to recognize its historical importance.
Coordinants: 41.238695, -81.437455

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