Little Traverse Bay

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Little Traverse Bay is a small bay, 170 feet deep, off Lake Michigan in the northern area of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan. The cities of Harbor Springs and Petoskey are on this bay. The bay has significant publicly accessible parkland on the waterfront, including the Petoskey waterfront, the Harbor Springs waterfront and the Petoskey State Park.

#1 - Charlevoix
Charlevoix borders picturesque Round Lake, Lake Michigan, and Lake Charlevoix. Charlevoix first became a village in 1871 and was later established as a city in 1905. Charlevoix has a year round population of roughly 3,000 people. The population increases dramatically in the summer months due to tourism and the high number of vacation/seasonal homes. In addition to the typical services offered by cities, Charlevoix is also proud to provide residents and visitors a municipal airport, golf course, marina, ski hill, skateboard park, performance pavilion, four beaches, and seven parks.
Coordinants: 45.319746, -85.265579
#2 - Bay Harbor
Nestled in between the communities of Petoskey and Charlevoix is five miles of Lake Michigan shoreline of an economically successful master planned development which has become the one-of-a-kind Bay Harbor community.
The Village at Bay Harbor is the heartbeat of the community, featuring such public elements as a marina, public observation platform and walking trails. In fact, nearly one mile of Lake Michigan shoreline and 70 acres of prime land were donated as public parks by Bay Harbor Company and are connected by five miles of non-motorized public nature trails, providing permanent enjoyment for the residents and visitors of Bay Harbor and neighboring communities. It is this combination of a vibrant setting, beautiful scenery, and a diverse array of shops that has turned the Village into a site used frequently for amazing annual premier events, weddings and outdoor festivals.
Coordinants: 45.363152, -85.028772
#3 - Petoskey
Overlooking the shores of Lake Michigan's Little Traverse Bay in the northern tip of Michigan's Lower Peninsula you'll find Petoskey Michigan, a quaint resort community with unmatched beauty and charm. Petoskey has been a destination for resorters for more than 100-years and for multiple generations. People return to soak in the rich views, breathe the clean air, eat at world-class restaurants and shop in the specialty shops and boutiques of its historic downtown.
Coordinants: 45.376810, -84.960194
#4 - Petoskey State Park
Petoskey State Park's extensive shoreline along Little Traverse Bay is a great place to look for petoskey stones. The beachfront is surrounded by heavily vegetated sand dunes. Common visitor activities are swimming, sun bathing, hiking and biking in summer, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing in winter. The park features a designated camping area and trails for visitors.
Coordinants: 45.402397, -84.912472
#5 - Harbor Springs
The village of Harbor Springs was incorporated in 1880, and has since grown to a population of just over 1,000. The Little Traverse Lighthouse is a historic lighthouse on the Harbor Point peninsula, which forms a natural harbor with the mainland. The area is known for its historic summer resorts, such as Wequetonsing. One of the city's more prominent residents was Ephraim Shay (1839-1916), known for his invention of the Shay locomotive. His house still stands today and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.
Coordinants: 45.429299, -84.988861

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