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Key West has more to offer than just Key Lime Pie- They also sell chocolate covered key lime pie and key lime pie on a stick. In all honesty, though, Key West offers something for everyone: unique landmarks, beaches, good food, and even 6 toed cats. Key West is a great place to visit, and one of the few places in the United States where you can see roosters roaming the streets

#1 - Southernmost Point
A giant concrete buoy marking the southernmost point in the continental United States stands at this location. While this buoy makes for a great photo, it is not actually the southernmost point in the continental US (its not even the southernmost point on Key West). The real southernmost point in the continental US is on Ballast Key. The current marker was erected because a sign marking the location was repeatedly stolen.
Coordinants: 24.546501, -81.797473
#2 - Banyan Tree
This tree (in front of the lighthouse) is one of several Banyan Trees on Key West. These trees are unique because they grow roots from their branches instead of growing up from their roots. These trees initially require a host tree, which they sometimes kill, giving them the name "strangler fig." These trees can grow to enormous sizes, sometimes occupying hundreds of square feet
Coordinants: 24.550676, -81.800755
#3 - Ernest Hemmingway House
907 Whitehead Street--Ernest Hemingway once lived at this house with his second wife. The house was purchased for $8,000 and while Hemingway was away, his wife added a pool at a cost of $20,000. At this location, Hemingway finished several works, including "A Farewell to Arms." About 40 six-seven toed cats roam the property (which is the largest estate on the island). It is claimed that these cats are descendants of Hemingway's own cats, but one of Hemingway's sons and his former wife stated that Hemingway never actually owned cats in Key West.
Coordinants: 24.551172, -81.800620
#4 - Mile 0 Marker
This sign marks the southern end of US Highway 1. This highway is 2,377 miles long and stretches between Key West, Florida and Fort Kent, Maine. This sign is a popular site for photos and one of the most often stolen signs in the country. Miniature replicas of the sign can be found in gift shops all around the Key.
Coordinants: 24.555187, -81.804007
#5 - Oldest Home
322 Duval Street--This home was built in 1829, several blocks (corner of Caroline and Whitehead) from it's current location. The original location was determined to be too swampy for a home, so the house was put on logs and rolled to it's current location. To prevent fires and reduce heat production, the house has never had an attached kitchen. Instead, the property includes a second-much smaller building to house the oven.
Coordinants: 24.557318, -81.804051
#6 - Mallory Square
Mallory Square is a must-see location if you are on Key West at sunset. Each evening, a festival begins 2 hours before sunset and runs into the night. Tourists flock to Mallory Square each evening to watch the sunset and check out the nightly festival's attractions (which includes street performers, art exhibits, and food carts).
Coordinants: 24.559756, -81.807528
#7 - Little White House
This house served as the winter home for President Harry S. Truman. In total, he spent 175 days on 11 separate visits at this house. When it was built, the house was originally a waterfront property, but the shoreline was continually filled in and buildings were eventually constructed on the new land. More recently, the house has hosted Jimmy Carter, Colin Powell, and Bill Clinton.
Coordinants: 24.557072, -81.806855
#8 - Coast Guard Museum
The US Coast Guard Ingham serves a floating museum for visitors. The ship was launched in 1936 and served on Convoy duty during WWII. Ingham earned two Presidential Unit Citations for service during the Vietnam War. In 1988 the ship was decommissioned and later became a floating museum. The ship also serves as a memorial for coast guardsmen killed in action in World War II and Vietnam.
Coordinants: 24.552221, -81.807767
#9 - Eco-Discovery Center
The Eco-Discovery Center is free to enter and features 6,000 sq. ft. of exhibits and interactive displays. This is a fun place for children and a great place to learn about the ecology of the keys. Since Key West is a bird sanctuary, there are many species of birds on the island and this is a great place to learn about them.
Coordinants: 24.550611, -81.807319
#10 - Fort Zachary Taylor
Fort Zachary Taylor, once a Civil War Fort, is now a Florida State Park and a National Historic Landmark. Originally the fort was waterfront, but fill has been added to bring the fort inland. Nearby land also served as a submarine base at one time. The fort currently occupies 87 acres of land, including a beach for it's visitors. Many visitors come just for access to the beach.
Coordinants: 24.548275, -81.809591

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