What is 10StopTours?

When you are traveling, do you ever want to explore the area, but don't know where to start? There are so many things to do and see, but what's actually worth your time? At 10StopTours.com, you'll find short tours for locations around the United States.  These tours are a fun way to explore a new area on vacation or to learn something new about your hometown. Some tours explore the local history of an area, while others give you an insider's taste of the culture!

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How to Create a Tour

Would you like to share your knowledge of an area with the world? If so, you're invited to create a tour for 10StopTours. Follow these easy steps!
    1. Click the "Create Tour" tab above.
    2. Once the page loads, select a location on the map and enter a title for that stop. When the marker is added, add a description in the box.
    3. Repeat as necessary for all the stops. You can have up to 15 destinations (The site name is for the average number of stops).
    4. Reorder the destinations as needed by clicking on a destination's description box and dragging it up or down.
    5. Enter a Name for the Tour, the author name (You), and a password (so you can edit the tour later)
    6. The City, State, and Zip fields will autopopulate based on the location of the first destination. After you have created one destination, you can edit the City, State, and Zip fields
    7. Hit Submit
    8. Verify your tour by finding it here and completing the math problem captcha
    9. Your tour will now be visible to the public

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